First of all I can proudly say that I am Transport Time. When you call or email Transport Time you will be speaking directly with me. My previous business experience includes owning a multi-store retail business and working as a Manufacturers’ Sales Representative. I attribute my success in those businesses to my dedication to my customers by providing them the highest level of personal attention and service possible. To me it’s simple, the customer IS my business and by taking care of my customers I grow my business. This is what drives me! Speaking of driving, that leads me to my hobby and passion of classic and muscle cars. Ever since I was a kid I loved old cars and enjoyed buying them, driving them, and eventually selling them. Over the past several years this hobby has led me to buy and sell cars not only locally, but all over the country and yes, all over the world!

Throughout these experiences I have dealt with many transport companies and brokers and it was only natural that my next business venture was born from these experiences. Welcome to Transport Time!

Buying a car off the internet?

I can honestly say that I have bought every car in my garage off the internet. I am an experienced Ebay seller and buyer and I surf the web daily for that next great classic! If you are in the process of buying your first car off the internet and would like to discuss the purchase with me feel free to call or email me. I understand the risks involved and how to minimize them. Once you have found your vehicle and it has been paid for.

It’s time! Transport Time! I look forward to earning your business.


I am a Licensed and Bonded Broker MC # 665567