While there are many reasons to use an auto transport broker I must emphasize that I have had personal experiences transporting directly with carriers as well as utilizing a broker. Although I would love to be loyal to just one transport company the fact of the matter is that they cannot be where I need them to be each time I need a vehicle transported. Using a broker has almost always resulted in amazingly quick pick up times, and has saved me a lot of money in addition to time.

Unlike carriers who have a limited sized fleet of trucks in various parts of the country, a broker has access to a huge network of carriers nation wide. In many instances a broker can locate a truck available to transport your vehicle the same day you call. Transporting is not an exact science and mechanical breakdowns do occur. When you use a carrier directly you are at their mercy since you have given them a deposit and committed to their services. A broker can quickly locate another transporter that is able to move your vehicle since they are not tied down to their own fleet of vehicles.

When it comes to cost, the broker can almost always get it done cheaper. Here is an easy example to help you understand why this is possible. When you contract the services of a broker they contact a huge network of carriers to find one that would like your business. If a carrier is close to where your shipment is and has an open space going in the direction of your destination they would prefer to fill that space right away even if it means they are receiving less then their normal rate. It helps them fill their load and maximize their revenue on that run. As a result you benefit from a lower rate.

Sometimes price is not the crucial element of your transport, however time is. Again, the broker has access to a much larger network of carriers to find one who can accommodate your timing better than most carriers could directly. If you are willing to pay a premium for this expedited service a broker can often find you service even faster. Typically brokers assign one service rep to your transport and this individual will always be your contact. Unlike large transport companies who may have many people on staff who are not familiar with your transport. In my company, I am your contact from start to finish and am dedicated to servicing you from your initial request to the time your vehicle is safely delivered to you.

With the added peace of mind that you are working through a licensed, bonded broker, who is networked with licensed, insured carriers, there is no doubt that utilizing a broker is the way to go.

Don’t choose any broker, choose one that genuinely wants to earn your business.

It’s Time! Transport Time!


I am a Licensed and Bonded Broker MC # 665567